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"I invented a new line of door hardware items and needed a company to help me bring my product line to life. Anco's online machine shop experts helped me refine my designs and they fabricated the prototypes. I highly recommend their company to anyone seeking the services of a top notch machine shop."

Keith Pardoe - VA

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Bikes & Scooters

Bicycles, also called bikes, are pedal-driven, human powered, two-wheeled vehicles attached to a frame. People who engage in riding bicycles are known to the public as cyclists. Bicycles younger and close relatives, scooters employ the same two-wheeled frame idea but take it a step further and use a gasoline or electric motor instead of man power. Bikes & scooters have become two of the most used forms of human transport seeing that they are relatively cheap, easy to repair and cost little to no money to operate.

Bicycles were invented in the 1800’s and now range in the billions worldwide; nearly two times the amount of automobiles on the roads. They stand as the number one means of transportation in many regions. They also provide recreation for people and have been adopted by children and used for many tasks like adult fitness, military use, police applications and even courier services and racing. Scooters became available in 1914. They are like motorcycles except for their step through frame. Bikes &scooters are nearly one in the same.

Take a bicycle add an internal combustion engine and there you have it, a scooter. The basic configuration of typical bikes & scooters has changed little since their first models were developed. Many aspects have been improved and re-designed due to the advancement of modern materials like carbon fiber and aerospace grade aluminum which both deduct weight from the bike &scooters but add strength and flexibility.

These new materials have allowed for a wide range of specialized designs for different types of cycling. The invention of bikes & scooters has had a gigantic impact on our society. Both cultures and industrial methods (for manufacturing) have been heavily influenced by the addition of bike & scooters. Many parts and design ideas were taken directly from bikes & scooters and applied to the development of the automobile.

Sprockets, chain drives, spoke wheels and ball bearings are just a few of the parts taken from bikes and scooters and used on cars. Some people have even taken bike designs to new levels and added gasoline engines directly to the frame. Another creation, or hybrid, is the Mo-Ped. The Mo-Ped acts as a bicycle and has pedal driven capabilities, but also has a small 25cc motor that can be started by flipping a switch and simply pedaling the vehicle. Bikes & scooters remain efficient and fun forms of transportation and exercise.