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"I invented a new line of door hardware items and needed a company to help me bring my product line to life. Anco's online machine shop experts helped me refine my designs and they fabricated the prototypes. I highly recommend their company to anyone seeking the services of a top notch machine shop."

Keith Pardoe - VA

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The word ‘Mechanics’ can be in reference to a part of physics that addresses the behavior and movement of objects when they are acted upon by external forces and how the object is affected in its environment. It can also relate to the person or people who fix machines, which is where we come in. Anco precision machining is available to any and all mechanics that need custom part fabrication or re-productions.

Mechanics can also be referred to as technicians. They use various tools and equipment to repair and rebuild machinery in any number of industries and fields. Most mechanics have what we would call an ‘area of expertise’. These fields can range from automobile and truck mechanics, bicycle mechanics, diesel mechanics (who specialize only in such engines) and numerous other trades and crafts. Nearly every type of machinery (refrigerators, aircraft and even electrical) have specialized, highly trained mechanics to service and upgrade them. A mechanic can simply replace broken or worn out parts on a boiler or they could do an entire engine rebuild on a military tank or jet engine.

Anco precision machining can produce parts for any one of these mechanical trades. Some mechanics even have a specialty within a given field. For example, jet engine mechanics can specialize in different aspects of jet engine technology.

Some may work only with electrical systems while others focus solely on moving, mechanical parts. An auto mechanic may be able to work on all parts of a variety of car makes and models. He or she may also specialize in a specific area or on a specific make of car. Their main role in repairing cars and trucks lies in the diagnoses of the problem accurately and quickly. They will often give a price quote to their customers before starting work or after partial disassembly for inspection. The mechanic uses both electronic means of gathering data as well as their skill and knowledge of the machinery.

Their job may involve the repair or the replacement of one or more parts. Auto mechanics also have numerous jobs they can focus on. The break and steering systems, transmissions (automatic and manual) as well as engine operation and repair usually all have specially trained mechanics to address problems and maintenance. Anco precision machining will dedicate it’s highly trained employees and state of the art machinery to help fix or manufacture any part a mechanic might need. We are here to work together to get your job completed on time and on budget.