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"I invented a new line of door hardware items and needed a company to help me bring my product line to life. Anco's online machine shop experts helped me refine my designs and they fabricated the prototypes. I highly recommend their company to anyone seeking the services of a top notch machine shop."

Keith Pardoe - VA

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Robots are defiantly interesting. For decades they have perplexed, scared and helped human beings. A robot is an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer programs. These programs allow it to perform various tasks by itself. Some can even move in human-like ways which is one reason we remain fascinated by them. The development of electronics and computer systems are the driving forces behind the idea of robots. The first autonomous robot was created in England in 1948.

The design was refined and updated in 1954, then was finally sold to General Motors in 1960. It was originally used by General Motors for lifting hot pieces of metals from die casting in one of their steel plants. The advancement of Robots and their technology has since grown exponentially.

We even have such developed Robots, like Honda’ s ASIMO, which can walk, move and perform human like jobs. Robots have successfully replaced humans when dealing with dangerous and repetitive tasks that could too mundane or even deadly. A recent application for these humanlike machines has been for space exploration seeing that they can operate in conditions and environments that are beyond the parameters of human function. Robots come in two different categories. First, we have the Industrial Robots or servicing robots (used in the manufacturing industries). Next we have those robots which are used for research and studies, such as ASIMO and Nano robots.

The use of robot technology has aided the medical and space exploration fields past the point of measuring. The integration of these autonomous systems has no doubt saved money and lives. Over the years man has developed a fear of these machines.

They not only move like us and perform dangerous tasks but can be upgraded and maybe surpass human abilities. Even though a level of fear exists, we have still managed to find various jobs for robots. They perform anything from vacuuming floors, cleaning house, mowing lawns, cleaning drains, building cars and even researching neighboring planets. Sadly they have also been accepted in the military community. The U.S air force and other branches of the armed forces are currently using drones, unmanned planes, to conduct reconnaissance and search and destroy missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The word Robot was first used in 1920 by a Czech writer, Karel Capek. However Capek claimed that his older brother was the originator of term and he just merely used it in his novel.